Fencing Club

Islington Fencing Classes


£ 20
  • Term Time
  • 4:30 - 5.45
  • Ages 7-12
  • New North Academy, 32 Popham Road, N1 8SJ


£ 20
  • Term Time
  • 4.30 - 5.45
  • Ages 7-12
  • New North Academy, 32 Popham Road, N1 8SJ

A Premier Fencing Experience in the Heart of Islington

Welcome to our fencing club in Islington. Our club is aimed at fencers ages 7-12.

Exceptional Coaches

Both our club coaches have represented the United Kingdom. Leading our Islington club are coaches Dominic De Almeida and Theo McGlone.​

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Advanced Equipment​

Our club uses lightweight, state-of the art, electric fencing equipment and scoring systems.​

Focused Teaching​

We run small classes of up to 12 students, allowing for a close-knit community where every student gets 1-2-1 attention from our coaches.  


Theodore M.


I love to share the passion that I have for fencing with my students. Connecting with every fencer and watching them grow is something that I find truly special!

Xavi D.


“I like fencing because I get to play with swords with my friends every week! Did you know that en garde means get ready? I love that!”

Annette N.


“Of all the clubs that my son attends, this club has the warmest and most welcoming environment. With a supportive coach and wonderful club mates, Fence Club 43 has helped my son develop a newfound confidence.”