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per month valid for 12 months

Join our club and have full access to our junior sessions every Monday.

Equipment provided

Monthly (with kit)


per month valid for 12 months

Save money on termly membership fees if you already have your own kit.

Bring your own equipment

Free trial session



Not sure if fencing is for you? Drop us a message to organise a free trial session.  

Equipment provided


Age group

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4:30 - 5:45 P.M.

7-12 years old


New North Academy

Asset 5-8

frequently asked questions

Do I need any experience?
No experience is needed to join our sessions. We’ll ease your child into the sport and teach them everything they need to know.
Is my child suitable for fencing?
Unlike many sports, anybody can excel in fencing. Fencing is just as much a mental sport as it is a physical sport. No matter the child, there is a fencing style for them.
Can I bring a friend?
We love to welcome new students to Fence Club 43. Whether it’s your first session and you want some company, or you’ve been with us for years, we’re always happy to see a new face.
Is there parking available?
There is paid parking available on nearby roads.
Which membership is right for me?
We always recommend coming down and trying out a free trial session to meet everyone. After that, we recommend a monthly membership with our kit for new members and a monthly membership with your own kit for more long serving members.
Do you offer refunds for missed sessions?
We don’t offer refunds for missed sessions with our monthly memberships.
Do I need to give notice before I cancel my membership?
You don’t need to give us any notice before cancelling your membership. Just cancel your direct debit before your next payment is due and let us know.