Our Story

It all began at number 43. We started off small, teaching fencing to a close group of friends in their back garden – at house number 43! After a long pandemic, we felt that it was time to start getting kids active again, whilst of course having fun with their friends.

As word spread, our club grew, welcoming new faces to our community. Inevitably, we had to stop running sessions in a back garden…

We are now based at The New North Academy, Islington, welcoming more and more young fencers to our ever growing group. 

"We’re FC43. We offer world-class fencing lessons based on the belief that every student can develop physically, mentally and competitively through sport..!"



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Theo Mcglone

“Hi there, I’m Theo! I’m the head coach at Fence Club 43 and have been fencing since the age of 9. During my career, I’ve won medals at National Championships and represented Great Britain at World Cups all over Europe. However, by far my biggest achievement in fencing has been influencing young lives through sport. Sharing knowledge, bringing smiles to faces and giving children something to look forward to each week is a hugely important part of my life.”